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America and the AV 1611

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The Importance of an  Every-Word Bible

A long time ago, as the story goes, a tiny group of people was being held in bondage. The tyranny of the day was great and their burdens were heavy. They cried unto God from their chains, and God heard them. He sent them a leader, a man that He had specially prepared, to lead them out of this land of bondage, and take them to a new land — a land flowing with milk and honey.

This leader secured their freedom and led them across the sea to their new home. However, before God would allow these, His people, to come into this Promised Land, He had to make a few special arrangements to prepare them.

First, He wanted them to reject the error they had learned in bondage and re-establish them in His truth, to accomplish this, He gave them a copy of His written Laws, "written in stone" so to speak, as He would preserve His Written Word Himself - every pure word of it! He promised that to establish His truth in all that they did and to all succeeding generations. He had made plans to give this Land of Promise as an inheritance, to His people who would be learning His ways and move the current inhabitants who were squatting on the Land, and knew not God, so that they would never be a threat to His people.

Once this was done, God brought His people into this new and wondrous place. God blessed them in this new land, just like He promised, and once they were settled, finally established them as His peculiar people for His name. He used these people in this special land to spread His Good News to the whole world, just like He promised their forefathers. He established His covenant with them and said that as long they served Him, walking in His ways instead of the ways of those He delivered them from, He would favor them and bless them.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt and the establishment of God's people in the Promised Land is one of the greatest stories that can be told; but, the story I just told you is not the story of the Israelites, it is the real story of the establishment of America. The similarities, indeed, are great. God has used Israel as a mirror in the Church age to establish a people that would accept His covenant and establish themselves as God's people for the purpose of spreading the Gospel to the entire world. Our forefathers, the Pilgrims, knew this, and let this calling be their constant incentive to establish a Christian nation, and allow God to reform His churches from the bondage of the government-controlled churches of Europe.

And just as sure as God delivered His Word in the form of the Ten Commandments to the Israelites as they established themselves in the Promised Land, God also delivered His Holy Word to those Believers and their followers in the form of the King James Bible, or AV 1611. On board the Mayflower among other notable Pilgrims, was Mr. John Alden. John Alden would soon become a great statesman in the new world. To date there are 2 noteworthy Bibles found in the Pilgrim’s Hall Museum, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Concerning these Bibles they state, “The only Bible Mr. Alden deemed necessary to bring with him to the new world was a King James Bible. Not only did Mr. Alden use the KJB but many other Pilgrims did as well.

The common man could ill afford a Geneva Bible, last hand-printed in Switzerland in 1644. The AV 1611, commonly called the King James Bible, became the source of America’s goodness which resulted in her greatness. America is, and was intended to be, a nation of people that were "gathered out of many nations." All who have come to her shores have before them the greatest opportunity ever — the opportunity to become part of the Great Kingdom of God. There is no other nation on this planet where the Gospel is so freely accessible.

It was the King James Bible, the first book printed on a Gutenberg printing press in 1611, that therewith allowed all of God’s English-speaking people to have free access to God’s Holy Writ. It was instantly popular among the literate middle class and poor of English-speaking Europe who had been kept in ignorance of God’s truth by the corrupt influence of the Roman papacy. Now, all English speaking peoples could clearly see the errors of Rome and the state-controlled churches as well.   Consequently, they sought the liberty to serve the Lord God according to the Bible instead of the priests of Baal and false protestant pastors.

One of the original 1611 Bibles is on display at the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Most people who came to early America came for this promise of freely serving the God of Heaven who had delivered them according to God’s Word. Many immigrants learned to speak, read and write English using a copy of the King James Bible. A few years later, in 1630, it was the King James Bible that accompanied the Puritan leader John Winthrop and 700 settlers who came to the New World for the same purpose.

It was the King James Bible that was used to establish the first churches in America. It was the King James Bible that was used to establish the first civil governments in the Colonies. It was the King James Bible that led those brave patriots in rebellion against the tyranny of King George. It was the King James Bible that was the basis of our great law, the Constitution of the United States. It was the King James Bible that our first president, George Washington, laid his hand upon, to swear an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution. It was open to Deuteronomy 28, in which the LORD (Jehovah in the KJB) promised His blessing and protection for hearkening to the Word which they now could all have in their households.

It was the King James Bible that used to be taught in our public schools. It was the King James Bible with which literally millions of Americans learned how to read and write. It was the King James Bible that was the centerpiece of the common American home for hundreds of years. It is still the King James Bible that succeeding presidents lay their hand upon to swear the same oath. It is the King James Bible that many of our citizens have sworn upon to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

It is the King James Bible that is distributed by the millions every year, free of charge, to military personnel, chaplains, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and motels, and schools all across this land, And now,in these last days and the last generations of this age, for some reason, the King James Bible is not good enough anymore. This most sacred of all books was intended to be God's true shining light for all English speaking peoples all over the world. There is no greater representation on earth of the beauty of the English language.

But now we are trading this Wondrous Work in for deprived and deficient New Age versions, where the words of the language are changed or eliminated by the, obviously, satanic scribes and pharisees of the money-loving, power seeking new world order. The new-age versions sap away the power and blessing history reveals was evident in the use of the KJB. Might we add, the eternal, Biblical doctrines present in the AV 1611, are watered-down by the new age versions which not only change or completely delete words, but whole verses and entire chapters as well; whose language usage is often more from the gutter than the accurate and eloquent simplicity of the King James Bible.

So now we understand that the Authorized Version has held a revered place among our people for over 400 years. There is no good reason to abandon it, or trade it in for something of lesser value. We have found it to be a Book of superior English, poetry, science, math, history, doctrine, morality, prudence, virtue; a Book of the superior Love that God has for all mankind. We are convinced, and it is a self-evident truth in these last days, that without the perfect, every-word AV 1611, commonly called the King James Bible, that a Believer cannot know God's way much less live God’s way, walking in the steps of the Saviour if he does not know that way and cannot see His steps. That means a Believer will be robbed of the opportunity to realize the blessing, power, and protection promised to the Believer, in Deuteronomy 28 and throughout the entire Bible, to those who strive to be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.(2 Tim 3:17). Thank God that He has called men who can and are passionately, standing with conviction and understanding, on every word of the Preserved Word of God!









There is no question in my mind that the Word of God is the only hope for America and mankind. Despite America's Biblical heritage, left to her by our pilgrim forefathers, her level of Christianity is anemic at best and continues to decay as Believers continue to apostatize.  Pastors and preachers have virtually  quit proclaiming Biblical standards or standing  on the Bible as God's Infallible, Inerrant, Inspired and Perfectly Preserved Word.  Because so many of "God's men" are caught up with the world,  like Lucifer in Eden's garden, they cause God's people to question and doubt the real Word of God.  Compromising preachers bring out their favorite version of the truth, while abandoning the Divinely Preserved Truth itself -  the Purified Seven Times, King James  Bible!

Don't tell me those copyrighted versions of the truth help people to understand.  I've met you and your people.  I've listened to you spout your obvious ignorance of the truth.  The Lord God has quit teaching you because you have lost your way and now, in your apostasy,  lead others astray also.  When someone asks this preacher for a copy of God's Word, I give them what I know is an "every-word Bible" - every Word chosen  by God Himself.  I don't have to make up lies that something could have been better translated this way or that, because it isn't true.  When preachers say that,  it is because they have lost their way and the Holy Spirit is no longer their guide into the truth. Shame on them!

Jehovah Elohim, the ONLY TRUE GOD, does not bless man's version of the truth. He only Blesses His truth.  I am talking to my independent Baptist Brethren who have left God's Word, and that anemic group that call themselves "reformers."  You are Laodicean, that's what you are.  You are a compromiser! Blind leaders of the blind!  You do not know what you do not know until the Holy Spirit reveals it to you; allow Him do do so.  Go ahead and get Thomas Nelson's permission to publish Thomas Nelson's NKJV; get Zondervon's permission to publish the  NIV; or the Lockman Foundation's permission to publish the NASV.  We have the AUTHOR'S Permission to Publish the time-tested, soul-winning, relationship building, Authorized Bible commonly called the King James Bible

In the days or hours or  we have left before the Rapture, the Lord has led us to proclaim His message to those in the greater Gilbert area who want to know and want to  have a relationship with the King of kings, by learning His preserved Word. Gilbert Independent is here to fulfill our Lord’s commission. We are here to deliver God’s truth with understanding . Bring your King James Bible and join us, you will need it here!. -R.S.Brewer

All Scripture quotations on this site are from the King James Bible. Used by permission of the Author.

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